iPhone Users on T-Mobile: 6.2%

29 Nov

Over the past several weeks, I have gathered nearly 10,000 hits from iPhone users. After sifting through this data, I have found some interesting results:

Only about 28% of my iPhone traffic is from EDGE. Of the EDGE users, 6.2% of them are using T-Mobile.

Here is the breakdown of the top 10 iPhone hosts, cellular providers in bold:

  • mycingular.net: 2505
  • comcast.net: 1030
  • rr.com: 430
  • verizon.net: 348
  • optonline.net: 338
  • cox.net: 255
  • bellsouth.net: 243
  • shawcable.net: 209
  • tmodns.net: 156
  • superkabel.de: 151

4 Responses to “iPhone Users on T-Mobile: 6.2%”

  1. William C Bonner January 12, 2008 at 12:37 am #

    I would bet that a large number of your hits from tmodns.net are from starbucks locations where they have TMobile wifi hotspots.


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