Thank You, iPhone!

22 Jun

Thanks to Apple shipping everyone’s iPhone to be delivered last Friday, my package tracking website saw double the number of absolute hits and six times the number of Adsense impressions. That’s a lot of iPhone recipients mashing F5 all day long.

Let’s hope more of them turn into return visitors. I do have several features in the works to help make the site more compelling for regular users and one-timers alike.


One Response to “Thank You, iPhone!”

  1. The Dave June 22, 2009 at 4:59 pm #

    I switched to PackageTrackr despite their relatively horrible interface for two reasons:

    1) CanadaPost support (and a few others, but mainly CanadaPost)

    2) PackageTrackr gives me a one click heads-up where all my packages are, rather then individually bookmarking or subscribing to each package’s feed.

    3) PackageTrackr gives me access to the same from desktop and mobile browsers alike.

    It does a bunch of other stuff, most of which I don’t really care about, #1 is really what pushed me over the edge though, I ship a lot of stuff via Canada Post and it’s nice to know when my own outbound stuff is being received.

    All that being said, whenever I’m talking about online package tracking, I *always* link to your site, not PackageTrackr due to the speed and clean interface.

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