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Take Control of Drobo + Time Machine

3 Dec

The Drobo storage device is a beautiful piece of technology. It is quite possibly the most user-friendly RAID (like) device on the market. With very little effort, you can have 3TB+ of failure-protected storage at your fingertips.

The problem with the Drobo is that in order to change its true data capacity on the fly and dynamically share it between multiple volumes, it must create “pretend” volumes in even-sized chunks. 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, and 16TB are the options currently available. This means that if you have 1.2 TB of actual space, the Drobo will tell your OS you have two or more TB.

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New MacBook Pro is Looking at You?

18 Oct

I’m in the Apple store right now playing with a new MacBook Pro. I love the backlit keyboard of the original MBP, so I decided to get it to light up in this bright showroom for a quick demo.

On the old MBP, you’d cover both speaker grilles at once. There is a light sensor in each one and the brightest of the two is used to determine how much to dim the screen and brighten the keyboard.

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Drobo "Storage Robot" vs ReadyNas NV+

11 Apr

The new Data Robotics Drobo is a very tempting new offering to the expandable storage market; a segment appealing both to home users and small business.

For $699, this desktop redundant storage box offers four hot-swappable SATA drive slots that are automatically managed by the device. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB 2.0 port and it appears as one large storage device. There is no need for management or hassle. Lights on the front of the box indicate device capacity and when its time to add or replace drives.

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