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Power to the Depot

17 Nov

I should preface this by saying that I normally do my home improvement shopping at Lowe’s. Historically, they have had better customer service and have a higher likelihood of carrying the oddball things I require for my more unusual projects.

This weekend I found myself going back and forth between Lowe’s and Home Depot as part of a home improvement project. Each time I visited Home Depot, I noticed an unnerving trend: abnormally attentive employees.

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House: Check!

18 Jun

My wife and I have just sealed the deal on our first house! It’s a very nice little three-bed two-story semi-fixer in northern Seattle. We’ve already generated a two page remodeling project list that we sure hope gets done in a reasonable time frame. Thanks to the magic of Google Sketchup, I have a fantastic CAD layout of the entire place that should greatly help us along the way.

Despite taking nearly 500 pictures of the insides of the house and the back yard, I don’t have a single house front photo to share with you.
However, if you’re interested in more updates, check back to this blog every now and then.

Oh, and we’re getting some chickens. The city limits us to the lesser of 20,000 chickens or one per square foot of property space, but I think we just need two or three. We’ll keep you posted on how that goes after we move in.

If you know the name of any really good and really inexpensive architects, interior designers, or contractors, let us know!