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Thank You, iPhone!

22 Jun

Thanks to Apple shipping everyone’s iPhone to be delivered last Friday, my package tracking website saw double the number of absolute hits and six times the number of Adsense impressions. That’s a lot of iPhone recipients mashing F5 all day long.

Let’s hope more of them turn into return visitors. I do have several features in the works to help make the site more compelling for regular users and one-timers alike.


T-Moble Forces an iPhone User to go Legit

8 Sep

I’ve been a very happy customer with T-Mobile for over four years now. Ever since the beginning, I have been using various smartphones with their T-Zones service. T-Zones was originally intended to be a walled garden internet service where you pay $4.99 (when I signed up) each month for the privilege of being able to view T-Mobile’s WAP store. However, a salesperson clued me in that smartphones generally have the ability to change their network settings and with a couple of minor tweaks, you get full internet access at a much better rate than the $19.99 data plan they sell.

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iPhone Developer Program: The Gift of the iMagi

24 Mar

This morning, I completed the final step to activate my iPhone Developer Program membership. The last news I heard about this program indicated that it was (I assume it continues to be) a fairly exclusive program and they are only allowing small numbers of people to join at this time.

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iPhone Users on T-Mobile: 6.2%

29 Nov

Over the past several weeks, I have gathered nearly 10,000 hits from iPhone users. After sifting through this data, I have found some interesting results:

Only about 28% of my iPhone traffic is from EDGE. Of the EDGE users, 6.2% of them are using T-Mobile.

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