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A Little Summer Photography

26 Jul

For about two weeks, I had a Canon Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D) camera in my possession. During that time, I took a couple thousand pictures from Seattle’s 4th of July to a South Dakota dairy farm. In fact, I’ve been lax on the blogging because I’ve been spending too much time out enjoying our all too brief summer.

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High-Res Photos of "2004 XP14" Scout Meteor

3 Jul

Space Junk 1Tonight in the western Pacific sky shortly after sunset there was a light spot just over the horizon. We happened to have a 12″ telescope handy, so we took a peek. It was a giant ball of something falling northward with very visible giant flames licking off its tail. When we first saw it, it was high enough in the sky to be certain we were seeing flames and not distortion. We believe it to be a “scout meteor”; a space object that flies along with asteroids like 2004 XP14 which had a near miss with Earth this evening.

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