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When Can I Reuse This Calendar (dot com)

11 Nov

My wife dug up a 2008 calendar still in the shrinkwrap and it got me thinking… When can I reuse this calendar? Well, I had a spare hour and $6.99 to register a domain, so I whipped out this little site:

Now you can go digging through that chest of crap from the 1990s and pull out your favorite cute puppies calendar. In 2010, you can re-use calendars from 1999, 1993, 1982, 1971, 1965, 1954, 1943, and 1937.


Thank You, iPhone!

22 Jun

Thanks to Apple shipping everyone’s iPhone to be delivered last Friday, my package tracking website saw double the number of absolute hits and six times the number of Adsense impressions. That’s a lot of iPhone recipients mashing F5 all day long.

Let’s hope more of them turn into return visitors. I do have several features in the works to help make the site more compelling for regular users and one-timers alike.

Web Developers: Don’t Be Password Idiots

22 Jun

loginformAs a follow-up to my last post, here are a few tips to help keep you from driving your site users away with misguided password restrictions.

#1: Consider Context

Your tweets may be precious to you, but as a web developer, you should understand the differences between password security for Twitter and for online banking. Consider the monetary and legal damages that to both you and your customers if their account were compromised and plan accordingly.

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Web Developers: Don't Be Username Idiots

18 Jun

Just a quick note to any developer, site owner, or project manager who is in charge of developing a user login system:

Don’t put unreasonable restrictions on usernames.

It is sensible to prevent people from creating names containing certain characters or names of extreme length. However, some sites go too far by requiring all user names be 7-12 characters in length. Other sites forbid user names that begin with numbers.

A more reasonable approach would be to allow user names from 3 to 16 characters, with a limited set of punctuation allowed, and the first letter cannot be whitespace.

Remember that user names are generally public information so you don’t need to apply the same protections you do to ensure strong passwords. Do the right thing and your users will thank you by not abandoning your account creation form.

What’s in store for Google Voice?

21 Apr

Google Cellular ProviderGoogle Voice is a very interesting service. If you were one of the people (like myself) that got an account on before they were bought out by Google, you are now eligible to be part of the Google Voice beta.

It offers a lot of interesting services such as visual voicemail, speech to text, VOIP, free long distance, and many others. However, in order use most of these, you need to use the phone number Google assigns you. Google can’t be your voicemail provider unless all of your calls are routed through them first.

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PHP Changelog RSS Feed

9 Dec

Thanks to the site, I was able to quickly and easily generate an RSS feed to the PHP5 Changelog, a very large page that doesn’t already have a feed.

Check out the PHP 5 Changelog Feed.

Feed43 beats Yahoo’s Tubes service because if a page is too large, it simply truncates it to a usable length. Tubes will simply fail to process a page that it deems is too big.