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Why gmail@isnoop.net is your recovery email address

5 Feb

gmail.pngEach year I receive angry or confused messages from a person who  found gmail@isnoop.net as the recovery email address in their Google account.  This post is intended to explain why. Continue reading


What’s in store for Google Voice?

21 Apr

Google Cellular ProviderGoogle Voice is a very interesting service. If you were one of the people (like myself) that got an account on GrandCentral.com before they were bought out by Google, you are now eligible to be part of the Google Voice beta.

It offers a lot of interesting services such as visual voicemail, speech to text, VOIP, free long distance, and many others. However, in order use most of these, you need to use the phone number Google assigns you. Google can’t be your voicemail provider unless all of your calls are routed through them first.

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Let Me Google that for You: Mesothelioma

1 Dec

A co-worker just pointed out a wonderful new tool for those who are frequently bothered by people who would rather ask you question instead of Googling it themselves:


Aside from being snarky and satisfying, it immediately struck me as a brilliant money maker. Perhaps even the best Google AdSense for Search referral generating tool since Mozilla put the Google search bar in every broswer it ships (Mozilla pulled down 75 million USD last year from your searches).

So, next time your cousin wants to know all about mesothelioma, send your response by way of LMGTFY and know that those guys are probably making a good chunk of the $40-$60 CPC the keyword “mesothelioma” commands.

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A New Home for Package Tracking: Boxoh.com

25 Nov

My Google maps making, RSS feed slinging, universal package tracker has moved to greener pastures. Boxoh.com is your new go-to place for tracking UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Airborne packages.

Backstory: In 2006, I posted a handy new utility I’d cobbled together which was a mashup between package tracking for for multiple services. It quickly became by far the most popular page on this site, with more than 1.4 million tracking requests last month. It gets more than three times the traffic of my movie theater RSS generator and four times the traffic of another spinoff site, FeedSifter, a simple RSS/Atom feed filter.

If you are familiar with MediaTemple’s GridServer service, you’ll know that using up all 1000 GPUs (server work units) for the past several months is not a good thing. Those cycles weren’t just going to waste on poorly written scripts, either. Each hit to the tracker consumed an average of 0.0002 GPU (WordPress uses 8 to 16 times that with each hit). It wasn’t always this way, though. Check back soon for an upcoming post on how I managed to cut down the CPU usage of the package tracker by 90% with some intelligent code analysis and a creative caching solution.

Boxoh.com is now hosted on a screaming VPS server with plenty of spare power. I’m taking full advantage of APC caching and several other behind-the-scenes tweaks one can only get a grip on when they are running a dedicated server.

Thanks to all of the people who have made the service so popular!

Also, thanks to Juplex for a fast and friendly site design!

Google Just Killed Zillow

19 Sep

Search Google for real estate. As of a recent Google update, you should see Google’s newest search integration feature. (If not, try refreshing. This appears to be in a testing phase right now.)

This new feature seems to go head-to-head with the most basic of features (mapping properties for sale) offered by real estate mapping guru site zillow.com and to a lesser degree redfin.com.

Update: Breathe easy, Zillow.  It would appear the giant lost interest in this toy.  For now.